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Watson Engineering is committed to providing innovative solutions to machinery problems manifested by machine or structural vibration in an efficient and cost effective manner. Through partnering with Watson Engineering, your company can add money to your bottom line by increasing production, reducing maintenance costs, avoiding unnecessary repairs, reducing downtime, and increasing the life of your machinery.

Our goal is to foster a partnering relationship with our clients to assure a total, integrated approach to machinery problem solving. Our engineers monitor vibration, trend and analyze data, and make recommendations to assure reliable equipment performance for industrial users of rotating machinery.

Our experienced personnel have been trained and certified, and include registered professional engineers. Solutions to your vibration problems are performed in a cost efficient manner, and usually cost less than “in-house” programs.

Vibration Training and Certification Program - 2004/2005

Watson Engineering is offering the Vibration Institute Short Courses and Certification Exams.

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