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Condition Monitoring Contract Vibration Engineers
Machinery Diagnostics Contract Vibration Technicians
Operational Modal Testing Root-Cause Failure Analysis
Impact Resonance Testing Vibration Program Set-Up
Coast Down/Start-Up Testing Dynamic Structural Analysis
Vibration Program Audits Rotor Dynamic Analysis
Field Dynamic Balancing Finite Element Analysis
Vibration Training Design Changes
Start-Up/Acceptance Testing Consulting

Watson Engineering’s flexible contract options allow your company to utilize our expertise and services in a way that best serves the needs of your organization.

We will provide trained specialists to perform a complete monitoring program including monthly vibration measurements, diagnostics, and reporting with corrective action recommendations.

Or, we will provide personnel to augment your staff in areas where you need additional personnel or specialists including trained data collectors or vibration technicians and engineers. Our specialists will be available to consult by phone or fax. This may be an inexpensive way to solve your vibration problems.

Special pricing is quoted for these contract services and your cost will often be less than in-house programs.

Specialized equipment and personnel are available 24-hours a day to respond to your chronic machinery problems or unexpected conditions that threaten your plant operations. Emergency services will include such items as dynamic field balancing, vibration measurements and diagnostics, operational modal testing, impact resonance testing, start-up and coast down testing, etc. See list of services offered above.

For more information about our company or to schedule a meeting with one of our trained professionals, please contact us: 225-755-1020 or info@watsonengineering.com